"...the only real measuring stick of a school's success is the achievement of its students."

Julie CarneyRespiratory Therapy BSOnline
From the moment I entered my first respiratory class at PMI, I knew it was special. There was a mountain of books on each table, and behind it, a person who was just as unsure as I was. Within a week, we had bonded, and within a few more, we were a family. Each of my instructors provided a foundation for what was to come in the classes that followed. It is no wonder why PMI respiratory students are so competent! The knowledge and experience in the instructors is phenomenal. My three clinical rotations throughout the program not only gave me a chance to practice what I had been taught, but an opportunity to learn from the incredible clinical instructors and knowledgeable respiratory therapists in the hospitals. My time at school was even better because I was able to participate in volunteer opportunities throughout the community. Of course, my favorite experience was being a part of the Sputum Bowl team that competed at the state and national level. The people we met at both competitions were incredible, and it is a moment that I will never forget. But PMI isn't just school books and instructors. From the admissions staff to the financial aid staff, administration to the ladies in the supply room, to Amy at the front desk and Damon... everywhere, each staff member plays a part in creating a welcoming and rewarding PMI experience. After two short years I graduated, feeling confident that I was prepared to pass the required tests and become a professional Respiratory Therapist. After graduation, I was able to pass the three certification exams and become registered and licensed within a month. The following month I was hired per diem at a local skilled nursing facility. Two months later, I was hired at a local hospital. It is rewarding to be an integral part of a medical team providing care to the community. My two years at PMI were amazing. My instructors were genuinely invested in my success as a student and as a future professional respiratory care provider. I am very thankful to have made the choice to attend the RT program at PMI. For these reasons, I have also elected to pursue my Bachelor's degree in Respiratory Therapy (education track) at PMI.


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