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Amanda TorresMedical AssistantAlbuquerque West
I had been a stay at home mom for almost 10 years and had 3 beautiful children when I went through a divorce. I didn't have a career and the jobs I found just didn't pay our bills. I was so discouraged! My sister kept telling me to go back to school but I just didn't see how I could go to school, work, and care for my children. One day I heard an advertisement on the radio for Pima Medical Institute and I thought ... maybe I can do it. I found the people at PMI to be so helpful and understanding. I knew it would be a difficult 9 months and I'd be putting in 20 hour days 3-4 times a week, but I also knew if I sacrificed now, it would mean a better future for my kids. So, I started the Medical Assistant program. It was tough and I was often exhausted. But I kept reminding myself and my kids why we were doing this. One day in the car my son held up my stethoscope and said, "Mom, you did this for us!" It was one of the best moments! I'm so grateful for all the people at PMI - they were like family to me. Now I have a career in the medical field and a fantastic job with so much potential. Most of all I can provide for my children and they are SO proud of me! THANK YOU PMI!


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