"...the only real measuring stick of a school's success is the achievement of its students."

Timothy FlemingNursingTucson
I was 45 years old and working in sales when I had an experience that changed my life. My father fell very ill and after seeing him in and out of rehab facilities, I decided to take him home. I cared for him during the last six months of his life. As a result of that experience, I made the decision to leave my job and pursue a career in the nursing field. After a little research, I enrolled in Pima Medical Institute's Nursing program. I hadn't been in a classroom since high school, so it was a little intimidating. It was a challenge, but the quality of the instructors and the quality of the program were great and I had a really supportive class. Clinicals are the real deal and where you work with your patients and get immersed into the culture. All of my clinical sites allowed me to be hands on and that set me up for success. During the last week of nursing classes, Dependable Home Health gave a presentation explaining their company and nursing positions. I applied and have been working their ever since. I really enjoy home health because you have a different level of independence; you are required to use your critical thinking and reasoning every day and the doctors trust your assessments and opinions. After about a year of working in the field, I was promoted to their Clinical Manager position supervising other nurses, therapists, LPNs and aides. I would highly recommend Pima Medical Institute to anyone looking for a career in the nursing field. The program is well structured and, although it's demanding, it is very rewarding!


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