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Jamie SposatoPharmacy TechnicianDenver
PMI helped me obtain my career in the medical field. A friend of mine was enrolled in their Medical Assistant program and always shared how much she enjoyed going to school. I started to look into the other programs they had to offer and decided on the Pharmacy Technician program. I wasn't sure, but since it was only a nine month course I wasn't losing much time if it wasn't a fit. I ended up loving the program and couldn't wait to start working in the field. My instructor was great and some of my classmates have become my lifelong friends. My externship site gave me the hands on experience I needed and Career Services sent me job leads and helping me find a position. My goal was to work in the hospital setting, so I was very excited when I received a job at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH). I started as a float until I learned all the different positions. Then I began working in the Operating Room (OR) pharmacy where I would make the medications and bring them to the anesthesiologists, nurses, and doctors while they were in surgery. After about a year of working in the OR, I transferred back to the central pharmacy and became a PYXIS technician, refilling the medications in the PYXIS machines on the units for the nurses. After three years, I was promoted to Pharmacy Compliance Officer. Now, I make sure UCH is compliant with the State Board of Pharmacy (SBOP) and USP 797. I am currently enrolled in school to pursue my bachelors in business and hope to continue moving up within the company at UCH.


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