"...the only real measuring stick of a school's success is the achievement of its students."

Danielle JensenPhysical Therapist AssistantMesa
I graduated from ASU with a degree in nutrition and applied to physical therapy school too late and didn't get in. My husband and I sat down and researched the physical therapy field and decided PMI's PTA program might be the best fit for me. When I called, the lady on the phone said, "We're going to make all your dreams come true!" and I looked at the phone and thought - she's crazy! But, I met with an advisor and started 2 weeks later. They tell you it is an accelerated program and it certainly is. The instructors were amazing and they inspired me to do more. I became very involved with my profession; PTA Co-Chair for the PTA Special Interest Group within our Arizona Chapter and helping start what is now our annual "TRYke It" event for adults with disabilities. I remember being nervous walking into my first clinical. But, in this neurology setting I was able to witness a stroke patient or a traumatic brain injury patient make progress on things that we often take for granted and that was just simply MAGICAL! My passion for neurology PT grew from just two weeks in that setting and I accepted a position there after graduation. I also gained valuable experience working in pediatric aquatic therapy and hippo therapy with adults and children with disabilities. After some years in the field, I was offered an opportunity to come back to PMI as an instructor. I believe it gives me an advantage having recently sat in those same student chairs and my ability to relate to my students on that same level. I am happy to have come full-circle at PMI and my dreams far exceeded my expectations and continue to come true! My instructors did an incredible job preparing me for my profession and I hope to have the same influence on my students!


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