"...the only real measuring stick of a school's success is the achievement of its students."

Gina JohnsonPharmacy TechnicianRenton
I had always been a math nerd, especially with algebra, so when I went to get information at PMI, the Pharmacy Technician program made the most sense to me. I started in the evening program and was fortunate enough to get a work study position. I was able to work and be a student at the same place and I had a really great experience while at PMI. My classmates became my friends and we worked together which made it easy to learn. I really like the way we started off with medical terminology and basic anatomy. It made me feel really prepared for my by future classes. I really appreciated my externship and the experience of working at a pharmacy before actually getting my job. Having to deal with insurance was the hardest thing to get used to and get trained on because there's so much to learn. I worked at Walgreens for awhile and now I am at Rite Aid. It's a different system but I want to learn a variety of systems to get the experience I need to eventually become an instructor. My PMI instructor made it very easy for me to learn and gave me the tools to be successful in my job. I want to be able to do that for students. Who knows maybe someday I'll be back at PMI teaching in the Pharmacy Technician program!


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