Career Services FAQ

Resumes and Cover Letters

I am confused by the "Objective" at the top of a resume. Is it mandatory? What's the purpose and what should be my focus?
My friend recently put together a "job search portfolio". What is this and how does it differ from the standard cover letter and resume.
I lost my job and have an outdated resume and no idea what current trends dictate or what information employers are seeking in today's market. Can you help me?

Job Search

I graduated from the MA program in Seattle and worked there since 2004, but I just relocated to Phoenix. How can I get help with finding employment in Arizona?
I have been an unemployed Dental Assistant for nine months. What can I do to increase my chances of getting hired?
I worked as an MAA, took a few years off, now want to return to the same type of work. How can I get an employer to notice me with this lag in my work history?


I have had three interviews in the last two weeks, but not a single job offer? What can I do?