"...the only real measuring stick of a school's success is the achievement of its students."

Ruth DykstraRadiographyMesa
After completing a bachelor's degree, I was still left without a career. I worked the front desk at an eye doctor's office for 3 years and when the doctor decided to retire, I knew I needed to find a career. I was fascinated with x-rays so began looking into radiography programs. I heard a radio advertisement for PMI. When I learned I could begin almost immediately, unlike other programs I'd researched, I enrolled in their Radiography Program. I found the program to be completely different than my university student experience. I had the same 30 classmates throughout the program, all with the same goal, and we became friends. The instructors made it fun to learn and the hands-on-experience was invaluable. I felt prepared and hit the ground running when I got to my clinicals. I had a great experience at Maricopa Medical Center and they called me about a job not long after graduation. It wasn't long before I became a clinical instructor and a lead. I am currently supervisor of diagnostic imaging and I look forward to coming to work every day! I'm currently getting my master's degree in Public Health, which fits very well with this particular hospital as we service the underserved. I received a great education at PMI and I've come full circle in that now I help train new students just as I once was. Pima Medical Institute is well spoken of around here and I'm proud of that.


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